NASA-Funded Force Fields

This is HUGE.

Two start ups recently convinced NASA they had the capabilities to create super cheap and powerful force fields that would eliminate two of the largest challenges in space travel with one fell swoop:

Electromagnetically-induced plasma shields.

When you heat a liquid it can evaporate into it’s gas form. How do you think we get plasma? Yep, you heat a gas.

  • In solids molecules are tightly packed and maintain their shape
  • Add energy/heat and the molecules begin to separate into a shapeless liquid
  • More energy and the matter turns into gas
  • Superheat the gas and even the electrons in the atoms begin to flow freely

Spacecrafts will turn on an electromagnetic field while simultaneously releasing plasma. The free-flowing electrons will be trapped by the magnetic field and form a shield against the atmosphere that would otherwise burn the spacecraft due to friction as it plummets back to Earth. When air in the atmosphere hits the plasma it will get ionized by the free-flowing electrons… here’s the brilliant part…

…when the air molecules get the plasma’s electrons it gets simultaneously subject to electromagnetism. It will become trapped in the magnetic field around the spacecraft and form a parachute of air. When spacecrafts land they’ll look like stars falling slowly from the heavens.

How big is this innovation? Well let’s put it this way: the space shuttle Columbia burned up and killed the entire crew inside, which forced America to retire our entire space shuttle fleet and end our ability to go to space.

NASA recently tested their crazy-looking “flying saucer” ship in Hawaii. The ENTIRE design is meant to create drag so people don’t burn alive, or crash land when falling through Mars’ atmosphere. The success of this invention will render that entire spaceship redundant before it even enters service.

Now I said it solves two major problems. The other is radiation from space. This one is still going to require some advancements in technology, though not in the force field itself, but rather in batteries.

The reason why solar radiation doesn’t harm us on Earth is because Earth is a natural magnet. It’s magnetosphere protects us. Equipped with force fields, spaceships of the NEAR future will be able to travel through space with their astronauts totally shielded from the dangers of solar radiation. This would require constant power though and right now our battery technology isn’t quite there yet.

I’ll keep an eye out for advancements there too. I’m confident I know where they’ll come from though: Tesla Motors. The electric car company has been doing major research and development in energy storage technology for their cars as they require 100% dependance on batteries.

The giveaway is that they’re owned and operated by the same man that owns and operates SpaceX, the company likely to work with NASA and the plasma-shield developers in the future. That’s how this game is played…

By the way - they start next year.